How Can I Add a Footboard to My Bed?

The Bed Claw Footboard Attachment Kit has been created just for this purpose. It comes in two sizes: one size for Twin or Full size beds (it has a 7" rail extension) and another size for Queen or King size beds (it has a 13" rail extension).

These Footboard Bracket Kits only work on bed frames that have holes in the side-rails for bolting on the footboard brackets; otherwise, some drilling may be required. The diagram below will illustrate how the Footboard Attachment Kit is installed:

Footboard-Attachment-Kit.jpgThe kit includes the Adaptor Rail, the Footboard Bracket, and attachment hardware.

Each Footboard Bracket is attached to its corresponding Side Rail with the Adaptor Rail and four hex bolts. The bolt-on footboard then attaches to the Footboard Bracket.

The basic Footboard Attachment Kit provides only for the attachment of a bolt-on footboard. However, if desired, a hook-on footboard may be attached by also purchasing the Adapto Hook Headboard & Footboard Attachment Brackets. This bracket bolts on to the newly installed Footboard Bracket and allows the hook-on footboard to be attached. The Adapto-Hook Headboard and Footboard Attachment Brackets lift the footboard so it is not subject to any weight stress.

Adapto-HooK_150.jpgThe Adapto-Hook Headboard & Footboard Attachment Bracket

Click here to be taken to to the Bed Claw Twin / Full Footboard Attachment  Kit or click here to be taken to the Bed Claw Queen / King Footboard Attachment Kit.

Click here to be taken to the Adapto-Hook Headboard and Footboard Attachment Brackets.


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