What Do I Need to Know about Replacing Hanger Bolt Sofa Legs?

We get a lot of questions from persons wanting to replace their sofa, living room chair, ottoman, or love seat legs. This article will address replacing the Hanger Bolt Mount Sofa Leg.


You will want to measure your old leg, whether or not you intend on replacing it with the same size leg, in order to get a better idea of what size new leg to purchase. When you measure your leg do not include the height of any attachment mechanism that might be included with your leg. Hanger bolts, screws, dowels, OEM attachment points typically insert into your sofa and therefore should not be counted in the leg height. If your sofa leg has a steel or nylon glide on the foot, you will not add its height to the height of the leg. Size for sofa legs is typically given excluding the attached glide, if present.

Please see our article on "How Do I Measure the Height of Sofa Legs" for detailed instructions on taking sofa leg measurements.


The hanger bolt mount leg typically has the hanger bolt attached to the leg. Normally all that has to be done to replace the old leg is to unscrew the old leg and screw in the new leg.

Most people attach their new sofa leg(s) the same way the old leg was attached. Most of the time this is the easiest attachment  method. Often the old hardware can be used to attach the new leg. Sometimes, however, the condition of the attachment site can introduce problems into the installation. But, not to worry, specialized hardware is available to help with difficult installations.

Hanger Bolt Sofa LegHanger-Bolt-Leg_110.jpg    Screws Into T-Nuts on Your Chair, Sofa, or Ottoman        Old-T-Nut_110.jpg

Above is an example of a hanger bolt sofa leg. With most hanger bolt legs. the hanger bolt is already inserted into the sofa leg. Normally, all that is required to install a new hanger bolt leg is to unscrew the old leg and screw in the new leg.

If your T-Nut, for use with the Hangar Bolt, is missing or damaged, we have replacement T-Nuts in several sizes. The old T-Nut can be removed with a screwdriver and the new T-Nut installed in the same location with a hammer.

This T-Nut Is Missing  Missing-T-Nut_110.jpg               But It Can Be Replaced with A New T-Nut               New-T-Nut_110.jpg

Sometimes, however, the installation site is so damaged that new T-Nuts cannot be installed. If this be the case, then the T-Plate is in order. The T-Plate is installed with three screws over the old installation area. As the T-Plate is much larger that the T-Nut, the old installation area is covered over. The three screws that attach the T-Plate are able to maintain attachment to the sofa because they are inserted into the sofa outside of the damaged area. Your sofa leg will then screw directly into the T-Plate.

Special Note: If you elect to attach one of your hanger bolt mount sofa legs with a T-Plate, we recommend you attach all the legs on your furniture item with T-Plates in order to maintain uniform height for all the legs.

Installed T-Plate        Installed-T-Plate_110.jpg

Another problem which can occur when installing hanger bolt mount legs is the problem of the new 5/16" hanger bolt not fitting securely into the old mounting hole. The new Hanger Bolt will just be too small for a secure connection. This problem can occur if your furniture requires the Metric M10 size legs.

The solution to the loose fitting hanger bolt can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Purchase a T-Plate (see Installed T-Plate picture above) for each new leg and install it over the attachment point for the old leg. The new legs you have purchased will now screw securely into the attached T-Plates.
  2. If you don't wish to modify the hardware on your sofa, then you can modify the hardware on your sofa legs instead. You can remove the hanger bolts currently installed in your wooden sofa legs and replace them with these M10 hanger bolts, which should allow them to screw directly into your sofa without any further modification.

M-10 Hanger Bolts     M-10-Hanger-Bolts_110.jpg


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