Metric M10 Furniture Legs for an Italian Sofa or Chair

I need to find replacement legs for a chair I just bought. I went to our local hardware store and purchased wooden legs with the screws already in them but they are too small for the hole in the chair. They fit in the hole loosely. I read online that if the standard legs seemed to small that would mean I need metric. How do I know which size? This chair has a tag that says it was assembled in Italy. Do you know if there is a standard size?



Thank you for your inquiry. If a standard 5/16-inch hanger bolt was a bit loose, than you likely have a Metric M10 size mount, which is very common. Legs with M10 bolts pre-installed can be difficult to find, but we have two options which might work for you:

Option 1: T-Plates (
These will adapt your sofa to accept standard 5/16" hanger bolts, which will vastly expand your selection of sofa legs. These install easily over the existing holes in your sofa, and are a very popular option. They feature a 5/16 inch threaded nut in the center and attach with a few small screws placed directly into the wooden frame of your sofa.

Option 2: M10 Hanger Bolts (
If you don't wish to modify the hardware on your sofa, than you can modify the hardware on your sofa legs instead. You can remove the hanger bolts currently installed in your wooden sofa legs and replace them with these M10 hanger bolts, which should allow them to screw directly into your sofa without any further modification.


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